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Tubular Selvages, A Finnish Specialty

Considered one of the most beautiful and most complex Finnish tablet woven bands, the Masku Humikkala band lead to some important discoveries in Finnish tablet weaving: tubular selvages and double ...

Discovering the Possibilities of Twill Weaving with Tablet Weaving

advanced pattern with 24 cards Lexicon “3/1 broken twill" is a special card weaving technique with its own "twill" structure; this technique is very different from twill in loom weaving. ...

Russian Belt Tassels

Figure 1 In the Fall 2004 issue of TWIST, we spoke about the very important role that a belt plays not only in clothing but also generally in Russian traditional ...

Cording Structure: The Structure of the Amazon Bracelet Now in Card Weaving

Photo 1 By Karen van Gelder-Mauve From Handwerken Zonder Grenzen, May 1986, page 31-36, Amsterdam, Holland. Edited by Henriette Beukers The English translation form Dutch is by Liesel van Cleef ...