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Remembering Otfried Staudigel

Otfried Staudigel was a master tablet-weaver from Krefeld. I never had a chance to meet him, yet a long-lasting exchange of letters revealed his strong affinity for the French language. ...
bands woven by Barbara, TWIST member since 1999

In Memoriam: Barbara Focke

band woven by Barbara, TWIST Member since 1999 There are so many things I could tell about my mother and her nice hobbies; it is difficult for me to do ...

Discovering the Possibilities of Twill Weaving with Tablet Weaving

advanced pattern with 24 cards Lexicon “3/1 broken twill" is a special card weaving technique with its own "twill" structure; this technique is very different from twill in loom weaving. ...
About Memories … and the Creative Process tablet woven band image

About Memories … and the Creative Process

Santa Barbara, California - Summer 2001. My husband was a guest scientist at the university for a few months, and I planned to attend meetings of the local guild of ...