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The Quiet Life of Bhutanese Belts

Walking through the Eastern Bhutanese countryside, one can hear the tak tak of backstrap weavers pounding wefts into place. A faster tak tak rhythm indicates that a woman is weaving ...

Following Tablet Weaving to Norway and my Family’s Sheep Farm

I always knew Biri and Østre Gausdal, the name of the villages from where my family trekked off to “Amerika” with the spinning wheel, cards and swift on board. Their ...
Tablet Weaving at Winterberry Charter School

Tablet Weaving at Winterberry Charter School

I have the pleasure of teaching handwork (AKA fiber arts) at Winterberry Charter School in Anchorage, Alaska. Winterberry is a Waldorf methods school. One aspect of our school is that ...

A Conclave of Card Weavers

Fifteen card weavers got together during the Complex Weavers’ Conference in Reno, Nevada on July 11, 2018. Our range of experience ran from beginners to several who write, teach, and/or ...