Trouble with Threading?


Threading can sometimes go awfully wrong. In this case, the best scenario is probably putting it aside, clearing your mind and coming back to it a few hours or even a day later.

My way of resetting my mind a few years ago was writing this little diagram (see below) and posting it on Facebook. I received lots of comments and support from fellow tablet-weavers who experienced the same difficulties. What a relief to find I wasn’t the only one struggling with reading arcane diagrams!

I also got nice suggestions for additions, such as “you forgot to insert a card,” “you realize you’re looking at the charted directions upside-down,” “do a virgin sacrifice with rum to the weaving gods
for help,” and “a sincere prayer of thanks to my goddess after each successful pick helped a great deal.”

Sometimes, however as frustrating as threading your cards incorrectly might be, I also discovered that it can lead to some beautiful, unique and unexpected patterns. After all, a “mistake” in threading or in turning sequence is only a “mistake” if you decide it is. It could also become a “variation.” Maybe my chart will help you, maybe not. In any case, I hope it will make you smile.

© 2019 by Anne-Laure Janssen

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