Discovering the Possibilities of Twill Weaving with Tablet Weaving

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advanced pattern with 24 cards


“3/1 broken twill” is a special card weaving technique with its own “twill” structure; this technique is very different from twill in loom weaving. It is also a variation on double-sided card weaving.

At the Zomervlechtschool in Wilhelminaoord 2018, I learned for the first time about the existence of twill weave with tablets and especially with four colors. I thought I would love to give that a try. It took me a couple of months, but I finally came out with the result (see cover photo). I am going to explain how you can weave this tape and how you can draw patterns yourself.

The threading is for each card in four different colors. Bear in mind that the diagonally opposite colors will never occur together in a part of the pattern. I opted for two colors but then a light and a dark variant. (So purple and pink and light and dark gray.) You actually weave a pattern in two colors with a kind of negative at the back.

You switch to other colors in a diagonal. An even number of strokes of a color (for example, front -back – front – back) gives you the same color. An odd number of picks causes the color to change. You can easily try this out by weaving only diagonals. The threading diagram is at the bottom of each pattern on page 20.

At first, I had my tryouts of twill always correct (see photo 1), but the colors kept surprising me. Then I started on a band with two colors (photo 2). With this band, I could discover which patterns are possible in the twill weave.

Photo 2

My last band in twill weave is in four colors with triangles filled with three different size spirals. My band is made with 30 pattern cards.

I have made two patterns for you. For practicing twill weaving, there’s a small pattern with twelve cards and four colors that will get you all kinds of diagonal stripes.

For advanced tablet weavers, there is a pattern with 24 cards and the first 82 rounds. You can expand this as much as you like, but then you have to start drawing the pattern yourself. The four colors also appear here, and different triangles make the pattern.

I wish you the best of luck and enjoy making a twill weave tablet weave.

Photo 1
easy 12 card pattern.
The colors you see at the front are black and orange. But in the
4th pick, when the 12th tablet turns for the 3rd time, the purple
color comes forward and the orange disappears to the back.


Both patterns are made with Tablet Weaving Draft Designer,

Copywrite © 2020 by Eveline Terdu

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