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26-3 Fall Journal Cover Image26-3 Fall Journal Cover Image

26-3 Fall 2019

Mystery Weave 2: Maikki Karisto’s notation system Anne-Laure Janssen "Mystery Weave": exploring new ways Aviva Peres Getting the Word Out Carla Gladstone Gallery: Sample Exchange About Memories… and the Creative ...
25-3 Fall TWIST Journal Cover Image

25-3 Fall 2018

Simple tablet-woven bands from medieval Prague (Czech Republic) Sylvie Odstrčilová 6-Hole Diagonals John Mullarkey Gallery Bands Woven in Sewing Thread by Sharron Arbuckle Bands from roslein und wecklein, a Newly ...

Arlon – The Enigma of Lost Threads

Serendipitous Time Travel Many fortunate circumstances were at work to bring the stole and maniple in almost perfect condition to St. Donat at Arlon in Belgium. In general, the two ...