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Mystery Weave 4: Lettering

Basic Concepts The double-faced technique is used to weave geometric designs, pictorial images, letters, and symbols. The designs appear on both sides of the weaving, with the colors and image ...
Getting the Word Out tablet woven imageGetting the Word Out tablet woven image

Getting the Word Out

Figure 1: a sazigyo from Burma (Myanmar) – a decorated inscription band for binding religious texts. Sample of the text in the body of the band Figure 2: detail of ...
26-3 Fall Journal Cover Image26-3 Fall Journal Cover Image

26-3 Fall 2019

Mystery Weave 2: Maikki Karisto’s notation system Anne-Laure Janssen "Mystery Weave": exploring new ways Aviva Peres Getting the Word Out Carla Gladstone Gallery: Sample Exchange About Memories… and the Creative ...
26-2 Summer TWIST Journal Cover Image

26-2 Summer 2019

Mystery weave 1: gtt Review: Egyptian Diagonals with John Mullarkey Following Tablet Weaving to Norway and my Family’s Sheep Farm A woven poem: "Night Song of the Fish" after Christian ...