Remembering Otfried Staudigel


Otfried Staudigel was a master tablet-weaver from Krefeld. I never had a chance to meet him, yet a long-lasting exchange of letters revealed his strong affinity for the French language. As I don’t hide my own French upbringing and education, it was all-natural for me to respond positively to Otfried’s wish concerning an improvement of his French spelling ability. In return, the expert tablet weaver would clarify some tricks from his double face weaving method.

His first letter arrived soon after this friendly agreement. The real surprise caught me unprepared. Otfried’s unusual approach did not consist of widely encountered spelling mistakes but concerned his surprising language style, the one used by poets and writers of past centuries. Amazing how Otfried felt at ease with an archaic language formerly spoken by the ‘noblesse’, the aristocrats of ‘once upon a time’… With a mixed sense of enjoyment and curiosity, I kept translating into modern French language.

One day, Otfried Staudigel wrote that he wished to exhibit his collection of tablet woven bands in a church, in France. He hoped his impressive pieces would attract a larger number of visitors. For this purpose, he kindly asked me to compose an adequate letter to a well-known highly ranked clergyman, a bishop he had met in the past. The narrow band shown here was a gift from Otfried for my humble help.

May we, tablet weavers from around the world, enjoy the outstanding work of a master tablet weaver, and may Otfried Staudigel be blessed for his contribution to enriching our knowledge and satisfy our curiosity

Copyright © Anne Hughes

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