Mystery Weave 3: Easy and Creative Using Excel


You will discover in the following pages a very interesting article by Silvia Aisling, describing several bands from ancient Egypt.

To write the patterns, Silvia used a very simple yet effective method: Microsoft Excel. Thank you, Silvia, for allowing me to use one of your patterns for this Mystery Weave!

Pictures of the band and historical background will be published in the Summer issue. You can also read more at

Reading a pattern from Silvia Aisling

Card setup

The card set up is clearly described with every pattern:

  • Cards are by default numbered from left to right.
  • The cards face to the right and are lettered counter-clockwise.
  • A is in the top row on the threading chart.
  • S and Z indicate the threading direction.
  • Starting position: AD on top.



Turning sequence

As some of you may have noticed at a glance (threading of two colors in adjacent holes, same starting position, same turning sequence two rows at a time), this pattern is a double face. On the graph, two pieces of information can be read easily:

  • The turning sequence (white or gray background, white being “turning away”, i. e. forwards)
  • The final pattern indicated with crosses. As this is a double-weave, the reverse side of the band will show the same pattern in reverse colors.

Would you like to share one of your patterns for a future mystery weave? Is there a pattern convention you would particularly like to see discussed in an upcoming issue? Contact me.

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