Maikki Karisto’s Notation System: Mystery Weave 2


Most of you are familiar with Maikki Karisto and Mervi Pasanen’s book Applesies and fox noses1*. Some of you may also follow their Facebook page, lautanauhat/tablet weaving where they share
pictures, news, and patterns.

The pattern I would like to submit this time is the pattern Mervi and Maikki shared to celebrate their 8000 followers on June 24, 2019, with the comment “This band is dedicated to our fans and friends all over the world – for people like Helga from Norway.

There will be no surprise regarding which pattern will appear, as this is visible straight away on the weaving diagram.

I wanted, however, to introduce at least one uncommon feature: the traditional Finnish half turn. Both half turns and tubular selvages2 are specialties of the Finnish Iron Age tablet woven bands. Half turns sharpen the details of the pattern.

Thank you Mervi and Maikki for allowing me to use this pattern as TWIST second mystery weave.



Important update: Maikki and Mervi are currently working on a new book about Finnish Iron age woven bands. Be sure to check it out when it is released!

Are you an author who would like to share one of your patterns for a future mystery weave? Is there a pattern convention you would particularly like to see discussed in an upcoming issue?

Don’t hesitate to contact me at

1* Omenaisia ja revonneniä: Suomalaisia lautanauhoja, Applesies and fox noses: Finnish tablet woven bands, 2013, Salakirjat book review by Pirkko Karvonen in TWIST Summer 2013 and by Barb Wainright in TWIST Summer 2015.

All books marked with an asterisk are available at the TWIST library. If you are interested, please contact our librarian John Mullarkey at

2 More on tubular selvages in TWIST Spring 2018, Tubular selvages, a Finnish specialty by Anne-Laure Janssen

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