27-2 Summer 2020

July 1, 2020
Issue: ,
  • Mystery Weave
    • Linda Hendrickson, Anne-Laure Janssen, Claire Gérentet
  • Ergonomics in Tablet Weaving
    • Otfried Staudigel
  • Remembering Otfried Staudigel
    • Aviva Peres
  • Gallery: Looms
    • Sharron Arbuckle, Vibeke Bekker, Matt Castiglione, Kate Farcinsen, Vonnie Galusha, Anne-Laure Janssen, Susan Luongo, Chris Mullican, Gayle Torrey
  • Deciphering Tablet Weaving Patterns
    • Anne Hughes
  • Small Tablet Woven Bands from Egypt: Part 2
    • Silvia Aisling Ungerechts
  • In Memoriam: Barbara Focke
    • Karen Focke

27-1 Spring 2020

March 17, 2020
Issue: ,
  • Mystery Weave
    • Anne-Laure Janssen
    • Claire Gérentet
    • Mervi Pasanen
  • Tips and Tricks
    Anne-Laure Janssen
  • A Timeline in Tablet Weaving
    Aartha Greep
  • Small Tablet Woven Bands from Egypt
    Silvia Aisling Ungerechts
  • Gallery: Weaving for Totem Poles
    Marieke Kranenburg
  • Discovering the Possibilities of Twill Weaving with Tablet Weaving
    Eveline Terdu
26-3 Fall Journal Cover Image26-3 Fall Journal Cover Image

26-3 Fall 2019

November 6, 2019
Issue: ,
  • Mystery Weave 2: Maikki Karisto’s notation system
    Anne-Laure Janssen
  • “Mystery Weave”: exploring new ways
    Aviva Peres
  • Getting the Word Out
    Carla Gladstone
  • Gallery: Sample Exchange
  • About Memories… and the Creative Process
    Aviva Pere
  • Gallery: A Lily Grove 2
  • Troubles with Threading?
    Anne-Laure Janssen
26-2 Summer TWIST Journal Cover Image

26-2 Summer 2019

July 1, 2019
Issue: ,
  • Mystery weave 1: gtt
  • Review: Egyptian Diagonals with John Mullarkey
  • Following Tablet Weaving to Norway and my Family’s Sheep Farm
  • A woven poem: “Night Song of the Fish” after Christian Morgenstern (personal experience)
  • Double and Double-Faced Textiles Woven using Hexagonal Tablets: A Threading Variation
26-1 Spring TWIST Journal Cover Image

26-1 Spring 2019

April 1, 2019
Issue: ,
  • Review: roslein und wecklein By Ute Bargmann and Claudia Wollny
    Review by Silvia Ungerechts
  • Tablet Weaving at Winterberry Charter School
    Sarah Robicheaux
25-3 Fall TWIST Journal Cover Image

25-3 Fall 2018

October 1, 2018
Issue: ,
  • Simple tablet-woven bands from medieval Prague (Czech Republic)
    Sylvie Odstrčilová
  • 6-Hole Diagonals
    John Mullarkey
  • Gallery
  • Bands Woven in Sewing Thread by Sharron Arbuckle
  • Bands from roslein und wecklein, a Newly Released Book
25-2 Summer TWIST Journal Cover Image

25-2 Summer 2018

July 1, 2018
Issue: ,
  • Review: Tablet weaving techniques: The Float Pattern Book By Marijke van Epen
    Review by Birgit Höffmann
  • Review: Tablets at Work By Claudia Wollny
    Review by Sandra Millar
  • A Festive Event of Tablet Weaving and Cithara Music
    Claire and Maguy Gerentet
  • Creating weaving diagrams using GTT and Inkscape
    David Wilson
  • Everyday items that make a weaver’s life easier
    Anne-Laure Jannsen
  • The Logical Connection between Hole Positions, Threading Chart, and Pattern Development
    Claudia Wollny
25-1 Spring TWIST Journal Cover Image

25-1 Spring 2018

April 1, 2018
Issue: ,
  • Review: Tablets at Work By Claudia Wollny
    Review by Lausanne Allen
  • Bands woven by Claudia Wollny illustrate Lausanne Allen’s review of Tablets at Work
  • Tubular selvages, a Finnish specialty
    Anne-Laure Janssen
  • Pattern: “Be My Valentine” by Claudia Wollny
24-3 Fall TWIST Journal Cover Image

24-3 Fall 2017

October 1, 2017
Issue: ,
  • Taking Tablet Weaving out into the Community
  • Update on New Pasanen/Karisto Book
  • An Advisory Council for TWIST—Coming up
  • TWIST at NEWS 2017—Interest Group Meetings
  • Remembering Otfried Staudigel
    Birgit Hoffman
  • Gallery: Claudia Wollny
  • One Weft Double Cloth
    Eva Sandermann-Olsen
  • Welcome to the 75th World Science Fiction Convention in Helsinki
    Anne-Laure Janssen
  • Gallery: Sample Exchange 2017
    Photos by Exchange coordinator John Mullarkey
24-2 Summer TWIST Journal Cover Image

24-2 Summer 2017

July 1, 2017
Issue: ,
  • Reproducing Patterns from the Hofdi Band
    Marijke Van Epen
  • Four-Color Floatwork with S/Z Tablet Slant
    Claudia Wollny
  • Ura Käsillä: Your Career in Your Hands
    Anne-Laure Janssen
  • Exploring Knot Patterns
    Sharron Arbuckle
  • Skill sharing with Tablet Weavers in Myanmar
    Linda Hendrickson
  • Gallery: Collingwood Alphabet Belt
    Photo contributed by Ann Levine
24-1 Spring TWIST Journal Cover Image

24-1 Spring 2017

April 1, 2017
Issue: ,
  • Remembering Otfried Staudigel
    Claudia Wollny—Nancy Spies—Barb Wainright
  • Gallery: Eva Sandermann Olsen
  • Handspun Tablet Woven SCA Knight Belt
    Teresa Bouchonnet
  • Where do Patterns Come From?
    Gudrun Polak
  • Tips and Tricks: Choosing Color
    Anne-Laure Jannsen
23-3 Fall TWIST Journal Cover Image

23-3 Fall 2016

October 1, 2016
Issue: ,
  • Review: Nauhoja By Viivi Merisalo
    Anne-Laure Jannsen
  • Gallery: Anne-Laure Jannsen
  • The Evolution of Tablet Weaving in Bhutan
    Taylor Cass Stevenson
  • Update on Efforts to Revive Techniques for WeavingSazigyo in Burma (Myanmar)
    Linda Hendrickson
  • Galleries
    • Nancy Spies’ Burmese band—Braids 2016
    • Tablet Weaver Inge Dam at Convergence®
    • Pirkko Karvornen
    • Convergence® 2016
23-2 Summer TWIST Journal Cover Image

23-2 Summer 2016

July 1, 2016
Issue: ,
  • The Quiet Life of Bhutanese Belts
    Taylor Cass Stevenson
  • Arlon—The Enigma of Lost Threads
    Claudia Wollny
  • Reviews: Der Lilienhain / The Lily Grove ByClaudia Wollny
    Review by Elisa Tortonesi-Sieß
  • Gallery: Elisa Tortonesi-Sieß
  • Hochdorf Pebble Weave
    Sarah Goslee
23-1 Spring TWIST Journal Cover Image

23-1 Spring 2016

April 1, 2016
Issue: ,
  • Updated Six-Hole Tablet Weaving
    Monograph Available for Download
    Bonita (Bonnie) Datta
  • Medieval Tablet Weaving Loom Images
    Nancy Spies
  • A Tale of Two Editions
    Barb Wainright
  • Twill and Double Face—a Pair of Non-identical Twins
    Claudia Wollny
  • Yehuda Shachar: his copper wire jewelry and method
    Aviva Peres
  • Connect the Dots-Andean Pebble Weave
    Sarah Goslee
  • Three to Two—Triangular Cards for Andean Pebble Weave
    Nancy Smothergill
  • Reviews: “Stunting” on the Cards and Card Weaving By Mary Meigs Atwater
    eviews by Brad West
  • 2016 Sample Exchange
    John Mullarkey
  • TWIST-ory: Card or Tablet Weaving?
    Peter Collingwoood
  • Gallery: Yehuda Shachar, Joyce Robards, Eva Sandermann Olsen, Marylin Holtzer, Barb Wainright
22-3 Fall TWIST Journal Cover Image

22-3 Fall 2015

October 1, 2015
Issue: ,
  • The Society for Folk Life Studies
  • Braids 2016
  • Response to “An Off-Loom Technique” Egyptian diagonals—esthetical considerations
    Aviva Peres
  • Gallery: Works by Marijke van Epen
  • Tablet Weaving 101
    Charlotte Lindsay Allison
  • Cracking the code
    Anne Bruvold
  • Review: Step by Step Tablet Weaving By Marjorie and William Snow,
    Review by Brad West
  • Textile Techniques in Metal
    Arline Fisch, review by Barb Wainright
22-2 Summer TWIST Journal Cover Image

22-2 Summer 2015

July 1, 2015
Issue: ,
  • An off-loom technique
  • Braids 2016
  • Gallery: Historic reproduction by Claudia Wollny
  • Drawing a diagram for double-faced tablet weave
    Otfried Staudigel
  • Reconstruction of a late-14th century band
    Kris Leet
  • Book reviews
    • The wonderful world of the tablet-woven stole and maniple of St. Donat, Arlon By Claudia Wollny
      Review by Otfried Staudigel
    • Applesies and Fox Noses—Finnish Tabletwoven Bands By Maikki Karisto & Mervi Pasanen
      Review by Barb Wainright
    • Introducing Tablet Weaving By Eileen Bird
      Review by Brad West
  • Functionality Meets Beauty
    Gudrun Polak
  • Sample Exchange Gallery
    John Mullarkey, coordinator
22-1 Spring TWIST Journal Cover Image

22-1 Spring 2015

April 1, 2015
Issue: ,
  • Uzbekistan Bands on Two-holed Tablets
  • Ergonomics in Tablet Weaving
    Otfried Staudigel
  • Sample Exchange
    John Mullarkey
  • Egyptian Diagonals
    Claire Gérentet
  • Tablet Weaving at the Dawn of the Iron Age Part 2.
    Kris Leet
  • Experiments in Warp Weighting
    Brad West
  • A Saga of Weighting the Warp
    Nancy Smothergill
  • In Search of Optimal Card Weights
    Barb Wainright
  • Tablet Weaving and Needle Felting
    Michelle Haimowitz
21-3 Fall TWIST Journal Cover ImageFall TWIST Journal Cover Image

21-3 Fall 2014

October 1, 2014
Issue: ,
  • Tablet Weaving at the Dawn of the Iron Age
    Kris Leet
  • Online Resources for Tablet Weavers
    Laura Thode
  • To revive the skills for sazigyo weaving in Myanmar
    Linda Hendrickson
  • Faux Ikat: free form double-faced patterning
    Gudrun Polak
  • The Ladybug Rug
    Susan Styrchak
  • Gallery
    • Convergence Show and Tell—Eva Sandermann Olsen—Nancy Arthur Hoskins
21-1 Summer TWIST Journal Cover Image

21-2 Summer 2014

July 1, 2014
Issue: ,
  • Demonstrating tablet weaving at the book launch party for Sazigyo
    Linda Hendrickson
  • Book reviews:
    • Sazigyo: Woven Images of Buddhist Art: Burmese Manuscript Binding Tapes By Ralph Isaacs
      Reviewer: Carla Gladstone
    • Tablet-Woven Accents for Designer Fabrics: Contemporary Uses for Ancient Techniques. By Inge Dam
      Reviewer: Pirkko Karvonen
    • Tablet Weaving By Eva Sandermann Olsen
      Reviewer: Carla Gladstone
  • Anne Grete Stuksrud of Norway with Triangular Tablets
    Pirkko Karvonen
  • Sample Exchange: Egyptian Diagonals
  • Decoding Threaded-In Patterns
    Nancy Smothergill
21-1 Spring TWIST Journal Cover Image

21-1 Spring 2014

April 1, 2014
Issue: ,
  • A mini-miniature creation: from birth to end product
    by Aviva Peres
  • Video Review
  • ablet Weaving Made Easy By John Mullarkey
    Review By Michael Jennrich
  • Double Faced Tab By John Mullarkey
    Review By Angela Schneider
  • “Running Dog” Days
    by Marilyn Emerson Holtzer
  • Gallery