TWIST at Convergence® 2018


The TWIST gathering at Convergence® in Reno, Nevada July 6, 2018 drew a room-filling crowd of around forty people. It was a great mix: well-known tablet weavers, enthusiasts, current and lapsed TWIST members as well as people just curious about how to get started.

We talked about the benefits of TWIST membership, which include the fun of perusing past issues—especially
to watch the development of different authors and their techniques—and finding inspiration from the gallery segments and travel articles.

We reviewed our website and how to negotiate the members-only areas. TWIST Librarian and Sample Exchange Coordinator John Mullarkey wore both of his hats, explaining how to obtain library materials and also the process of participating in the sample exchange.

We also discussed ideas for using some of the extra money in the TWIST bank account. The pros and cons of
using some of the funds as seed money for a conference came up, with the usual arguments about location and whether enough members would benefit. One fresh suggestion was to promote interest in tablet weaving by offering cash prizes for items submitted at regional, national and international weaving conferences.

The display table with finished works was awesome. Nancy Alegria took all of the pictures for this article.

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