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Good Reads for This Winter

A lot of very good reads are coming this autumn. Be sure to check them out! Let us start with the long awaited second book by Maikki Karisto and Mervi ...

Revealing the second Mystery Weave: a Finnish Pattern by Mervi Pasanen and Maikki Karisto

Blue sky, white snow and brown bark. Here is a complete Finnish winter landscape with a snowflake-like pattern. This beautiful band was woven by none other than one of the ...

Mystery Weave 3: Easy and Creative Using Excel

You will discover in the following pages a very interesting article by Silvia Aisling, describing several bands from ancient Egypt. To write the patterns, Silvia used a very simple yet ...
Trouble with Threading? chart image

Trouble with Threading?

Threading can sometimes go awfully wrong. In this case, the best scenario is probably putting it aside, clearing your mind and coming back to it a few hours or even ...
Maikki Karisto’s Notation System: Mystery Weave 2 tablet weaving chart

Maikki Karisto’s Notation System: Mystery Weave 2

Most of you are familiar with Maikki Karisto and Mervi Pasanen’s book Applesies and fox noses1*. Some of you may also follow their Facebook page, lautanauhat/tablet weaving where they share ...
Mystery Weave 1: GTT Patterns tablet weaving chart

Mystery Weave 1: GTT Patterns

I would like to introduce a new heading in the Journal: the mystery weave. The idea originated with a post by Sarah Pritchard in the tablet weaving sharing group on ...

Tubular Selvages, A Finnish Specialty

Considered one of the most beautiful and most complex Finnish tablet woven bands, the Masku Humikkala band lead to some important discoveries in Finnish tablet weaving: tubular selvages and double ...