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Tablet Weavers' International Studies & Techniques (TWIST) is a volunteer-run international organization for tablet weavers. Also known as card weaving, tablet weaving can produce remarkably complex pieces, such as those displayed on this page, with very simple equipment: a pack of perforated cards.

TWIST members share inspiration and technical information through our journal, which is published three times each year. Learn more about member benefits on our Register page.

We have more than 400 members in more than twenty countries. Initially formed at Convergence 1994 as a study group of Complex Weavers, the group soon struck out on its own. The eagerness of the founding members to communicate resulted in what became the TWIST journal.

TWIST exists to disseminate tablet weaving knowledge, promote tablet weaving and related research, and help tablet weavers improve and expand their skills. We do this through our journal, website, Internet discussion group, sample exchanges, and informal gatherings at fiber arts conferences.

*Header image is “Applesies in a grand sieve” in Karisto’s  Applesies and Fox Noses (2013) Woven by Anne-Laure Janssen. TWIST Issue 23-3, Fall 2016

Left: Detail of reproduction by Marijke Van Epen of the Icelandic Hofdi band in missed-hole technique from TWIST Issue 24-2, Summer 2017