Tablet Weavers' International Studies & Techniques

TWIST is a volunteer-run organization that promotes and supports tablet weaving all over the world. Also known as card weaving, tablet weaving requires little equipment, yet it offers weavers the flexibility to produce remarkably complex pieces such as those displayed on this page. TWIST members share inspiration and technical information through our journal, which is published three times each year. Learn more about member benefits on our Join or Renew page.

More about TWIST
Tablet Weavers' International Studies and Techniques has more than 250 members in 20 countries. Initially formed at Convergence 1994 as a study group of Complex Weavers, the group soon struck out on its own. The eagerness of the founding members to communicate resulted in what became the TWIST journal.

We strive to promote the appreciation of tablet weaving and the development of tablet weaving skills. We do this through our journal, website, Internet discussion group, sample exchanges, and informal gatherings at fiber arts conferences.

Tablet Weaving News

Plan now to attend the tablet weaving interest group meeting August 4 at Convergence 2016 in Milwaukee, WI.

Braids 2016 will be July 24-30 in Tacoma, WA. Several tablet weaving classes are on offer by TWIST members including Kris Leet, Linda Hendrickson, John Mullarkey and Linda Malan. As of January 20 some of these remain open.

Claudia Wollny has a new book of twill patterns coming out January 25: The Lily Grove.

Peter Collingwood's The Techniques of Tablet Weaving came back into print October 28, 2015 from Echo Point Books.

TWIST members and non-members alike are welcome to join this tablet weaving email discussion group.

Everyone is also welcome to share tablet weaving news, research, techniques, reviews, gallery photos, personal experiences and study group activities with us by writing to the editor. Upcoming deadlines for inclusion in the TWIST journal are February 21, June 19 and October 16.